helga natz

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helga natz

The Work
For my sculptures the colour, material, weight, size, shape and the manufactoring itself are equally important. Dominated by the structural characteristics of the sculptures' raw materials the act of creation follows the idea of simplicity. As an reaction to the inner needs of the material, I get an imagination about a shape, about a colour. The ideal is, that the assembly of a certain colour, material, size will lead to only one possible combination for a sculpture. Approaching this ideal is the main objective. The sculpture itself neither exists with the intention to interpret nor is it ment to call attention to certain things.

Helga Natz about her work   
    I.    one material - one form
    II.   two materials - one form
    III.  two pieces - one form
    IV.  pares
    V.   installations

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"Her work is spiritual and I know it comes from (the) spirituality but I as a materialist must say that her work is very, very materialistic."

Carl Andre (about the work of Helga Natz)